A standard to easily communicate to humans and machines the development/support and usability status of software repositories/projects.

Project Status: Active - The project has reached a stable, usable state and is being actively developed.

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Get Involved


This is a crazy idea of mine. But I think it’s useful. I’m very open to comments, criticisms, suggestions, etc. Feel free to open an issue on GitHub or submit a pull request. Instructions for contributing are available in the README on GitHub. A list of contributors is also available.

Community Involvement

This project seems to have gained a lot more interest than I thought it would. As of April, 2017 there are over 1,200 references on GitHub to badge URLs. I do not want to be the sole person making decisions for this project. I encourage everyone who finds it useful to watch the repo on GitHub and provide their feedback in discussions, especially the issues with the discussion or “needs decision” labels. I’m handling the code updates, but I very much want this project to be driven based on consensus of those who use it.